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We publish all the resources that we use not only in the creation and maintenance of this website this website but also what we think would be useful for people who want to troubleshoot their life and career experiences and want to make some changes towards a more fulfilling existence. We publish information about the data infrastructure available for use in research and data science projects. We also publish information about scholarships for those interested to further their education anywhere in the world. In other services, we offer the books that can enrich your understanding of research methods and data science. It also contains options for dissemination of results in terms ofinteractive apps.


For you to do any kind of meaningful research, you need data. This can be useful whether you want to do a thesis or dissertation on a topic where you cannot have access to primary studies, or you want to do policy relevant research. The data recommendation is divided into different areas


We recommend scholarships for studying mostly for African students who want to study in the within Africa, in the UK or any other place in the world. There are recurring scholarships that will remain on the website. We also recommend websites that host scholarship information from time to time

Other Resources

Here we recommend books that have helped us get where we are and hopefully, they will help you too. They will help you in your journey to master research methods and data science. We also recommend books for your personal and professional development. There are plenty of other resources that you will find here