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 Our group of professionals has expansive expertise in a variety of data analytic tools. We leverage availability of different kinds of data to conduct meaningful researchin Africa and other regions and publish interesting snippets of the results on this platform. We conduct quantitative social science, computational social science, data science, qualitative social science, quantitative text analysis, data mining, text mining, big data analytics, quantitative text analysis and applied statistics research. We aim to provide and explain the tools used to conduct research, give examples of interesting studies we have conducted, and a living lab for online experimental research. Substantively our research is mostly in the areas of social determinants of health, structural violence, climate change, social change, economic development, and current affairs.

Research Tools

The research process is complex and there are several tools that students and practitioners need to be familiar with to make those choices. We provide free methodological resources ranging from research conceptualisation through sampling, data collection up to data analytics

Current Research

We contribute empirical research on various social, economic, and political topics using a variety of methods. We aim to demonstrate how to deploy methodological innovations to answer relevant questions that affect people and thus contribute to finding solutions to problems

The Living Lab

We conduct online experiments and report results on various topic such as health, education, climate change, social change, economic development and current affairs in Africa and other regions