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Education and Training

Join us in our life-changing training programmes training programmes delivered by experts in their fields. We offer online training programmes, onsite training, and workshop training

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Online training

Take advantage of the flexibility that online training offers and bolster your research, analytic and computational skills. Browse through our courses which come with certification to evidence your accomplishments.

Onsite training

We deliver high quality onsite training for your institution or organisation anywhere in Africa and beyond. We specialise in the use of state-of-art technologies in all aspects of the research process from data collection to data analytics. We train participants in research design, data collection and data analysis using software programmes of your choice


We offer online and onsite workshops and training in quantitative research, qualitative research, and data science. We also provide training in research software technologies including R programming, Python, SPSS, Stata, LaTeX, R Markdown, SQL, Excel and Power BI.