Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis with R: International Workshop

Dr. Simona Simona · September 18, 2021

Course Description

The African Data Institute (ADI) is holding an international workshop in quantitative data analysis with R. Although the workshop will teach the basics of R programming, the focus will be on using R to understand statistical concepts, produce results and interpret them. The advantage that R has over many other software packages is that it is versatile, open source and free. The workshop will be delivered through pre-made videos on the ADI website to allow participants to have access at anytime of their convenience. These will be complemented by 5 live office hours to answer participant’s questions through YouTube Live Streaming. The workshop is open to anyone and assumes no background in either statistics or R but you are likely to benefit more from it if you have some social, education, business or health science research background. The workshop comes with lab workbooks, data and certification.

Course objectives

By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:

  1. Understand the philosophical foundations of quantitative research
  2. Have knowledge of the quantitative research implementation process
  3. Perform basic data manipulation and management with R
  4. Gain a strong foundation for conducting statistical tests
  5. Implementation multiple regression and interpret results
  6. Prepare a professional research paper publication

Please download the introduction to R document here and read it in preparation for the workshop

About Instructor

Dr. Simona Simona

Dr. Simona Simona is the Founder of the African Data Institute and a data scientist who specialises in data management and analytics using several tools including R, SPSS, Stata, Python and SQL. He holds postgraduate qualifications from the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom.

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