Data Analysis and Statistics with R

Dr. Simona Simona · December 3, 2020

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Data analysis is usually towards the final end of the research process and it involves summarising and making sense of the data, inform conclusions and support decision making processes. This course takes you through different methods of data analysis common in the social sciences from measures of central tendency to logistic regression. Throughout the course, we will discuss the process of selecting appropriate data analytic methods for specific research questions. We use the statistical programming language R in this course for its accessibility, powerful graphical environment and flexibility to compute simple to complex operations.

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Dr. Simona Simona

Dr. Simona Simona is the Founder of the African Data Institute and a data scientist who specialises in data management and analytics using several tools including R, SPSS, Stata, Python and SQL. He holds postgraduate qualifications from the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom.

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