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We help you choose the best methods to solve your problems with data. Let our experts guide you throughout the research cycle from data collection through to analysis and dissemination of results. We use both traditional and electronic tools that meet the nature of your research problem.

Transform Your Decision-making Processes with Data

Data Collection and Curation

✔ Web scraping
✔ Social media mining
✔ Questionnaire design
✔ Data collection apps
✔ Database construction
✔ SQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL
✔ Offline data collection
✔ Data entry
✔ Transcription

Data Management

✔ Data wrangling
✔ Data transformation
✔ Database queries
✔ Data warehousing
✔ Data engineering
✔ Data cleaning
✔ Feature engineering

Data Analytics

✔ Descriptive analysis
✔ Regression analysis
✔ Quantitative text analysis
✔ Dimensionality reduction
✔ Cluster analysis
✔ Big data analytics
✔ Classifications
✔ Tree-based modelling
✔ Support vector machines

Software and Programming

✔ R
✔ Python
✔ Stata
✔ Tableau
✔ Power BI


✔ Data visualisation with ggplot2 and plotly
✔ Data visualisation with matplotlab
✔ Web applications with R shiny
✔ Dashboards with shinydashboard
✔ Dashboards with flexdashboard
✔ Data visualisation with D3 js
✔ 2D and 3D Data Animations
✔ Web development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and blogdown
✔ Web hosting


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